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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More political rantings

And now, let's talk about Romney.  As clueless as Santorum is about the definition of separation of church and state, Romney is clueless about nearly everything else.  Everyone's heard the latest flubs about cars and sports, "My wife has two cadillacs." "I don't follow car-racing but I have close friends who own some of the Indy teams".   (For some refreshing and fun entertainment, I STRONGLY suggest you go to and watch the last few episodes of John Stewart's Daily Show.  There are several things that bother me about this guy, but I want to stress one very important point that's bugging the hell out of me.  Did you know that Romney is a Mormon? This will be no problem if he can keep his religious views out of the Oval Office, but after having a fascinating discussion over lunch with 3 Mormon women, I discovered Mormons (yep, men and women both) believe that women should only have positions of authority over other women?  Seriously???  I can't help but wonder how this religious point of view would affect his cabinet if he's elected and it amazes me that no one has asked him that yet.  If I had a corporation that needed a slick CFO, I might consider Romney but putting him in charge of this country and our relationships with the rest of the world, (many of them poor as hell) that's something else.  He is simply unable to relate to anyone but the elite and seems to have no sympathy for anyone or anything that would help those less fortunate.  Of course, there are those that abuse the system and take advantage.  There always has been and always will be until the right group of people re-vamp this broken system.  But let's not forget that in addition to those people who feel they have an automatic right to entitlements, there are also those who truly need help.  Again, we need a shift of mentality that realizes health care for all children, (hell, everyone) is a moral issue, not a political one.  I just haven't seen anything indicating Romney is interested in anything but furthering his own political career.  At least not from what I've heard so far.  Next up, Newt Gingrich. 

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