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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Anniversary Lover Boy

So today is our 21st wedding anniversary.  We don't do much to celebrate because we celebrate every day.  I know how corny that sounds but it really is true.  I am  married to a great guy.  Great because he totally lets me be me.  And nothing is more attractive and appealing to me than that.  My heart goes out to women who have to ask permission....for anything.  Bob loves me just the way I am;  overweight, opinionated, sometimes crabby (he always manages to joke me out of those moods), sometimes over emotional, and on and on. 
I also think our marriage has lasted AND gotten stronger over the years because we keep a sense of humor.  We can find something to laugh about in every situation.  For example, Bob was diagnosed 15 years ago with cancer and ever since, whenever I ask him to do something, he responds, "What are you gonna do when I'm not here?" and I always respond, "No problem, I'll hire someone!".   Being together for us is easy.  We don't have to work at it.  I think if you have to work at being happy together, you've already got a problem. 
Anyway, here's to all the happily married couples in the world.  Enjoy each other to the fullest!!