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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ok, not my last political rant

It has always been my opinion that one of the most important freedoms in this country should be the right to have an opinion that differs with other people without experiencing persecution for it. 
I work in a predominantly republican/conservative environment and there are a few here that know I lean more toward non-traditional and less than conservative views.

This is the conversation I had this morning when I walked in the office carrying my extra-large $1.00 iced tea from Steak and Shake. 
Co-worker - "Won't be long before you won't be allowed to buy those big drinks, thanks to the liberal left wanting to control everything we do!".  (No, he didn't even say good morning first)
Other co-worker - "Yeah, thank you Miss Democrat!!"
Me - "Good morning, everyone. 
First of all, I'm not a democrat.  I'm an independent.  I've voted on both sides of the fence. 
Second, I agree that regulating the size of drinks is stupid. 
Third, how the hell is this my fault? 

These two people always lash out at me and ridicule me whenever ANY political conversation begins and I'm sick of it.  I usually bite my tongue but this morning, when one of them quoted one of the inane Fox News people, I couldn't hold back any longer and told them it's my opinion he's an idiot. 

Then I got control and just walked away. 

This is a very minor indication of how things have changed so much.  There are no polite discussions of differences of opinion anymore.  Everything is mean-spirited and angry and I'm sick of it. 

I mentioned once before that someone at work actually said to me, "How can you call yourself a Christian and still vote for Obama?"  Seriously???  How insulting is that?

People....can we just agree to disagree, be respectful and be nice to each other?  Please?