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Sunday, April 24, 2011

What am I doing in Northeast Ohio?

My favorite thing in the whole world is to wake up early and watch AND listen to the sunrise.  I will watch the sunrise and listen for the very first waking bird.  It used to be a rooster crowing, but he must have gone to that big hen house in the sky cause I haven't heard him since last year.  If I could live outside, I would.  So what am I doing in Northeast Ohio where it's Easter Sunday and so far, we've had only one nice spring day?  No wonder everyone gets cranky and mean around here.  No sun and buckets of rain for days on end will do that to a person.  It is nice though to see all the moods change when the sun comes out.  Just like the Beatles tune, ....smiles returning to the faces.  Ahhhhhhh, come on Summer!