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Monday, March 6, 2017

Now is the time for courage

Haven't written anything in a long time. But there's so much going awry in the world, I can't keep my trap shut any longer.

I don't think I'm the only one feeling anxious these days. Anxious and angry and puzzled.

I'm puzzled at how all this happened with Trump becoming our president. I realize now that I've been living in a bubble, thinking racism and discrimination has gotten better.  But the ugliness that reared its head during Trump's campaign was heart-breaking. I struggle with the realization that there are so many backward-thinking people in this country and I'm angry with myself that I haven't seen it sooner.  Here, I thought I was a well-informed, fully aware person but realize I've been living as I said, in a bubble of ignorance and I'm ashamed of myself.

I'm anxious because I worry about dear friends of mine who are subject to anger and cruelty. It seems our new president has given permission to openly express these vile emotions, reminiscent of the pre-civil rights years. Apparently, these feelings haven't gone away, but have only been suppressed. And that's frightening to me.

And, I'm especially angry that so many of these hateful feelings found their beginnings in so-called Christian environments. Forgive me, but the saying, "love the person, hate the sin" is total crap. This only gives hate-mongers an excuse to treat people horribly without feeling guilty for it.  Like putting a thousand little white crosses on the church lawn to shame the person who made probably the most difficult decision of their life; not caring how much it might hurt or humiliate them. How is that a loving Christian action? Or telling a gay person they're not welcome in their church. How is that a loving Christian action. How is it they don't see the hypocrisy? The foundation of Jesus' teaching is love your neighbor as yourself.  Sadly that concept has nearly disappeared in many conservative Christian churches. It's more like, 'I'll love and care for my neighbor as long as he/she thinks like I do and I will shun everyone else'.  Thankfully, there are churches who are open and affirming. But not nearly enough of them. Progressive Christianity teaches what Jesus taught; love and acceptance.

I know for sure,  the only solution to hatred is knowledge and education.  If I've angered anyone, too bad. This is my blog and these are my opinions and we are in serious trouble with the current administration which is based on greed and hate and discrimination.

Please don't be afraid to speak out when you see injustice. Please don't be afraid to speak out when you see hatred. And please don't be afraid to speak out when you see decisions being made that will harm us, like removing safeguards that protect our environment all for the sake of greed.

Now is the time for courage.  And now is the time to find a way to educate.