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Monday, August 8, 2011


So, this past weekend, I had decided to try a new recipe for Beef Burgandy and wanted to buy a saute pan to saute the mushrooms.  I went to Kohls and lo and behold, they had a 12 inch, stainless steel saute/omelet pan (exactly what I wanted) on the 80% off rack.  The original price was $79.00 (an amount I would NEVER spend for a pan) but when I saw the 80% off sign, well, now we're talkin!  However, the "new" price on the ticket was $31.99 which is not 80% off.  So I asked one of the people there and she scanned it and said, "yes, that's the price alright".  I then politely pointed out the price was incorrect.  After a little more discussion (ok, quite a bit more discussion) we walked up to the register and together we calculated the correct price on a calculator.  Bottom line is, I got a $79.00 saute pan for $15.80 plus tax!!  Woo-hoo!!  I LOVE WHEN THAT HAPPENS!!!  So, the moral of the story is....Do your own math.