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Monday, November 7, 2011

I love a good coincidence, don't you?

Oddly enough, my previous post was about The Thankless Deed and my discovery of great music and then this afternoon, I saw the blog titled, The Kid Should See This.  I'm a fan now.  It has this video of Thelonius Monk playing Round Midnight: 
(I love a good coincidence) When I became a professional singer, I was working with some fantastic jazz musicians and I remember the first time I heard them play Round Midnight and I was blown away.  It became my all-time favorite song, but I never sang it.  It seemed too difficult to tackle vocally, but I was so drawn into the melody I almost didn't want to spoil it with words.  It was probably 10 years later before I discovered it even had words.  The last recording I made, (about 20 years ago) I sang that song.  I was in a commercial studio and the lights were dimmed and I was standing in front of a mic and I couldn't see the musicians but I could hear them through my headphones.  The guitar player was Bob (The Fras) Fraser of Cleveland and the bass player was Ray (Baby Noodle) Parker from New York.     Ray said, "Why don't you sing Round Midnight?".  I had never tried it before but decided to go for it.   As I expected, it's a bitch to sing but I was pretty happy with the outcome.  Thanks for the revisit of another wonderful memory.  I still have the recording and will go home tonight and find it and dim the lights and let it take me back there again.
   Also, if you'd like to hear something from the piano player in my previous post, do a google search for Herman Chittison.  Fabulous stuff.

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