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Monday, October 10, 2011

I have nitro glycerin and know how to use it!!

   I'm carrying nitro glycerin tablets in my purse now.  Evidently, my family history and lifestyle has finally caught up with me and now I have a heart blockage.  It started several months ago when I realized I was putting off taking a shower in our new shower (remember, we're remodeling) because just wiping it down afterward was wearing me out and making me short of breath.  (Good thing we have a bathtub too!!)  Also noticed other minor activities like pulling weeds or carrying a bag out to the trash just about did me in. 
   Finally ended up going to the doc who of course ordered a stress test which I proceeded to flunk with my usual flare.  I was bragging when I made it through the whole 6 minutes like they wanted and got the heart rate up to 160 like they wanted and then scared the hell out of them when the heart rate and blood pressure wouldn't come back down.....for a very long time.   
   So now I have nitro in my purse (just in case) and I'm going to a cardiologist this week and I"m told a heart cath is in my near future.  I actually had one of those about 4 years ago (my first clue that I wasn't paying attention) so I know the test is not bad.  I'm just hoping they can fix whatever's wrong while they're in there lookin around so I don't have to have something more involved.
   The worst part of all this is feeling fragile and breakable.  I'm used to just plowing through problems and this one just doesn't work that way.  So consider this a piece of advice from This Ole Broad; If you don't feel right, there's a reason for it and you need to go get it fixed before it's beyond fixing.  Ignoring the problem is the WORST thing you can do.  I'll report back later.  Have a fabulous week!!   

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