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Friday, September 23, 2011

My daughter says she's an atheist!.....continued

   Decided I have more to say on this topic.  That is, the topic of God, no God.  I said earlier that I call myself a Christian because I try to follow the teachings of Jesus, which is true, but it goes much farther than that. 
   Last week, I had a really fun and interesting conversation over dinner with friends on this very subject.  One of these friends is an ordained minister who I consider my spiritual guide and her husband is also one of the most gentle and deeply spiritual people I know.  I was asking how they logically (or rather scientifically) approach the subject of atheism with people since they are coming from a faith-based perspective.  The whole conversation was great, but the sentence that struck me most was, "Scientifically, you can't come to an objective conclusion on an experiment when you're a PART of the experiment".  To me, that's kind of like can't see beyond our cosmic horizon but you know something else is out there.  (Check out
   Anyway, where I guess I'm going with all this is, I can't put a face or a name or a personality to my God, but in MY cosmic universe, there IS a creator who is interactive and still creating to this day and we are creating our universe along with that creator and that's the piece of the puzzle that parts ways, I think, with conventional or traditional Christianity.  My Christianity is not based on pain and suffering or judgement or guilt or fear.  Mine is based on the message of Jesus who I believe was the most highly evolved being.....EVER and His message was 'love one another'.  We are not living for "some day".  We are living and creating now and we need to be In The Moment and creating a world of love and acceptance by our actions and by the words we say.  I am not a bystander of my beliefs.  I am a part of the experiment.   

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